◆Junsai handpicking 2019 has kicked off on 1st May!!

2019/05/09 17時

「Junsai handpicking 2019 has kicked off on 1st May!! 」


Mitane in Akita is the largest producer of junsai in Japan. The junsai harvest season is between May and August. Opening hours are depend on the farm.


Price ( per person )

Adult : 2,000yen

Child : 1,000yen

Group registration is welcome!


Have you ever heard Junsai? It is a kind of perennial water plant in pond or lake with floating leaves. It grows just in the clean pristine water. Water must be premium quality. The water contents of junsai is 98%, so that means the taste of junsai is the taste of water! Junsai in Mitane grows in the premium quality of water from the world heritage Shirakami-Sanchi. Come to join us and taste fresh gelatinous junsai here in Mitane!


◆Contact Us

Akita Shirakami Tourism
Email: akita-shirakami@as-t.jp





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