◆World junsai picking championship is coming back on 30th June 2019 at Abe farm in Mitane!

2019/05/09 17時

「World junsai picking championship is coming back on 30th June 2019 at Abe farm in Mitane! 」


Mitane in Akita is Japan’s largest producer of junsai is known as the emeralds of the water. You will handpick junsai as much as possible in one hour on the small boat in the pond, and also take those junsai back home with you. It’s like a treasure hunt, come to join us!


About junsai

Have you ever heard “junsai”? It’s an aquatic, perennial herb with floating leaves that grows in ponds, lakes, and slow moving streams. They can grow just in pristine water. It’s coated in a gelatinous substance which contains a good amount of fibre, and the water contents of it is 90%, so that the taste of junsai is the taste of water. Junsai in Mitane grows in the good quality of water from the world heritage Shirakami-Sanchi.





Anyone who is over 15 years old around the world



Solo : 25 people

Pair : 25 pairs (50 people)


Participation fee

Solo : 1,500yen     Special junsai lunch included

Pair : 3,000yen     Special junsai lunch included

Please pay your fee at the reception desk in the morning.




Email us with your full name, address, age, phone number, and which you want to entry solo or pair. It must be sent until 6th June 2019. The address is below.






8:40 ~ 9:00  Entry

9:40  Opening ceremony

10:00  Kick off!

12:00  Awards ceremony, Closing session

13:00  Lunch time


Meeting place


Mitane town Yamamoto general branch office

1-2,Morisawa, Toyooka-kinden, Mitane town, Yamamoto county, Akita


  1. The venue is outside, so the schedule is depend on the weather, so it’s better prepare for heats and coldness.
  2. If it starts raining hard, the event might be cancelled.
  3. We don’t have any responsibility of your delay even it’s happened by public transformation.
  4. We have right to use any information about this event include name and address of participants for SNS, magazine, which is not limited.
  5. On 30th , please follow the instruction.


◆Contact us

Akita Shirakami Tourism

TEL : (81)185-74-7115

Email : akita-shirakami@as-t.jp


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